My Story

Building a foundation for an industry with many players takes commitment, integrity and relentlessness–just three of many qualities that have enabled Brian Hess to build a 8-Figure company and forge enduring relationships with clients that are in the rankings to span decades.

Over his lifetime, Brian has devoted himself to focusing on the specificities of hard work. When it is time for his legacy to live on those who know him will remember him as someone who has set the example for being exceptional in every aspect of their life. As CEO and Founder of The Pavement Group, Top Contractor School, 1TEAM Media, and Host of The Brian Hess Show, Brian has proven that serving his clients and listeners using his unique data will certainly pave the way for more industry icons following his lead. Brian leads an esteemed team of various skills with expertise in technology, marketing, production, sales, and of course, construction. Brian’s definition of happiness is fulfillment and knowing one has made the difference they sought out to make which is mostly influenced by being a son, husband, father, and CEO. With an extensive understanding of leadership, oration, and his proprietary technology, Brian expertly navigates through all the processes he and his team have created to ensure success, avoid pitfalls and achieve the highest value for those he works with. Inspired by Brian’s example, his influence gives the perspective to those who have invested in his brand to take time to understand goals, be responsive and transparent in their communications, and earn trust. When two of Brian’s personnel achieved their goals of buying their first home it allowed Brian to see that he and his team built something from scratch that enabled the American Dream to be possible for his people. In a field that typically runs on fleeting transactions and minimal innovation, Brian has elevated the concept of tailor-made client service in developing a hallmark approach centered on personal attention, customized technology, education, and a mentor to mentee revolving door for the utmost success. Brian is a natural born teacher as well as a natural born student. He says, “It’s impossible to wake up every day doing the right things and get the wrong results” and with the values he has instilled in his team, family, and company doing the right things come naturally. From a young age Brian has welcomed hard work but the main lessons he has learned in life is to never give up, that knowledge is worth way more than money, that listening is the most important thing you can do, that time wasted is time you never get back, and to make the most out of every day. In personal time, Brian enjoys spending time with his family, and says that his favorite job is as a Father and Husband. Brian follows the diligence, love, and culture-building skills that he learned from his greatest influences; his parents. He and his wife, Lori have built a beautiful life with their five children, Paisley, Kingston, Quincy, Preston, and Stella and Brian says he has never felt as loved as he does than at the end of the workday when he walks into his house. For Brian Hess, there are no regrets only results driven by a brand that is built on influence, determination, and finding the perspective uniquely to all the individuals with a goal to prosper.

Family Oriented

My family is my why. My wife and my four children, soon to be five are a dream come true. Making memories will always be far more important than making money. Your children will never remember the balance in your bank account, but they’ll always remember the TIME you took to create memorable moments with them. Take the time to leave the imprints on their hearts that will last a lifetime. You’ll NEVER regret it. With all of that said it’s also essential that you show up in life in ways that will give you the ability to have options of how to make those memories happen. Never forget that it is our RESPONSIBILITY to show up in life in ways that provide us and our families the best life offers.

Children LOVE when they get your time and will always greatly admire your example. Being with them uninterrupted gives them an up close look at both. Always remember, that view they get of your example will turn into the example they are to their children. How do I know that? I have lived it and created it by watching my own parents. As my life continues to unfold, I appreciate the special undocumented moments that happen during times like this week more and more. I will continue to work as hard as I possibly can to give our family and all the families around us in our businesses and communities every opportunity possible to create those moments as often as possible.