Who is brian hess?

The Pavement Group


As the President/CEO of The Pavement Group, Brian is leading a company that is changing the way that property owners and managers view asphalt and concrete companies. 

The Pavement Group is driving unmatched technology innovation to simplify every aspect of the difficult task our clients have of managing their pavement assets.

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Husband & Father of 3


FAMILY is Brian's greatest source of pride and motivation. Brian and his wife Lori have 3 amazing children ranging in age from 7 to 2 with another baby boy on the way due in December of 2019.

To check out the journey the Hess family is on of continuing to build and run multiple businesses while raising a growing family, follow Brian on social media @realbrianhess.

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Top Contractor School


Top Contractor School was founded by Brian to fill a major void in the construction world when it comes to employee training and development. 

Top Contractor School is the future of ensuring that every construction company around the world will have access to the information necessary to achieve the highest levels of success and reach their true potential.

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MORNING PERSPECTIVE every morning at 7:30am on Facebook live

Morning Perspective - Episode 15 

In this episode, we talk about FEAR, how it impacts your life, and how most of the time the emotions you experience from it are for nothing.

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 Check out this video discussing the importance of implementing the things taught throughout the Sales Mentorship Program at Top Contractor School!

Check out this episode to get some tips on how to evaluate your circle and also how to possibly choo

Check out this episode to get some tips on how to evaluate your circle and also how to possibly choose new people to join yours that will help take your life and your career to the next level.


How Kevin Gray and Brian Met | 8 Week Operations Mentorship Promo


Listen to Brian discuss the journey of completing #75Hard in 2019 and how it impacted his life. The program is designed to create unmatched levels of self-discipline and he explains in this video exactly how the program did that for him.


I am in the process of completing the final touches on my first book and I wanted to share as much of this journey with you as I possibly could through some behind the scenes content that will give you some ideas of what the book is all about.


Check out this awesome interview between Glenn Lundy and Brian Hess on #RiseAndGrind where they discuss life, business, servant leadership, and the importance that having the right perspective plays in your ultimate happiness. 

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