Top Contractor School

Starting a contracting business in the construction industry is not all sunshine and rainbows. You are not always able to establish and maintain your position in the market. One common cause is the lack of expert resources. Employees are the most valuable assets for a company and play a major role in determining its success or downfall. However, getting a hold of quality resources is not easy or cheap.

Brian Hess founded Top Contractor School to train contracting professionals and equip them with the required skill set and knowledge to become truly valuable assets for their companies and succeed in the construction world. Companies can invest in employee training and development programs to bring in solid returns.

At Top Contractor School, we provide construction companies access to various industry insights, work models, and techniques to help them reach their true potential. We focus on everything, from handling clients to setting methodologies and plans and delivering tailored solutions to achieve success in a minimum amount of time.