The Perspective Podcast

Join Brian Hess and other dreamers, activators, and illuminators on a journey to unlock your full potential as an entrepreneur. On ‘The Perspective Podcast’, Brian discusses a wide range of topics to help you be all that you can be in life.

You will find Brian talking about his journey, challenges, opportunities, and more as a father, businessman, entrepreneur, and Christian. The podcast will also cover topics related to The Pavement Group and Top Contractor School, what led Brian to start The Perspective Podcast, the importance of community, and the importance of making the right decision at the right time.

The goal behind this podcast is to help you realize and achieve your idea, dream, calling, and purpose; to help you attain the same level of freedom, clarity, and confidence that Brian enjoys because you too have the potential to become successful. Brian believes together, we can grow to become the best version of ourselves and tap into the potential we never even knew existed within us, so don’t forget to tune in!