The Pavement Group

The Pavement Group is a leading paving and maintenance company that offers a wide range of solutions to commercial and residential property owners who want to safeguard their pavement’s aesthetics and longevity. As the President/CEO of the company, Brian Hess takes great pride in his team’s performance and dedication to provide top-rate quality solutions using advanced techniques and modern equipment.

Our team focuses on the root cause of the problem that is deteriorating our clients’ concrete and asphalt surfaces. Next, we propose practical solutions tailored to each of our clients’ unique needs and preferences. We believe, fixing the problem from its root does not relay the issue; it eliminates it so you can enjoy your pavement without having to pour money on frequent maintenance and repairs. 

Our energy, work dedication, positive mindset, and understanding of the industry are what set us apart in the industry. We keep our clients first – meeting their needs while offering premium results at budget-friendly rates is our goal. We use the best resources and do our best work to provide durable solutions without overruns or inflated costs.