About Us

My name is Brian Hess, and I am an entrepreneur, consultant, author, podcaster, and influencer. I have a beautiful family that has been my motivation and support through every step of my journey. My wife Lori, and four children Preston, Paisley, Kingston, and Quincy, fuel my drive to help people and make a real and lasting difference in their lives.

I am currently serving as President/CEO of The Pavement Group, where we offer full-service pavement installation, maintenance, and repair solutions to residential and commercial clients. Since the beginning of my career as a contractor, I have always had the passion and enthusiasm to meet all my clients’ unique needs by providing them custom-tailored solutions, which eventually led to establishment of The Pavement Group. At the Pavement Group, I am honored to work with an experienced team of professionals who thoroughly understands the paving industry and methodologies and aims to deliver exceptional results every time.

After garnering enough experience in the paving industry as a contractor, I wanted to help others who are starting out in the industry. My determination to equip newcomers with the knowledge, training, and guidance they need to succeed – something I had to learn the hard way – motivated me to set the foundation for the Top Contractor School.

Recently, I started hosting a podcast called ‘The Perspective Podcast’ where I discuss a wide range of topics, including fatherhood, business, entrepreneurship, and the importance of having the right perspective in one’s personal and professional life. I aim to get my voice across in order to influence and motivate others to identify their strengths and achieve their dreams too.

Finally, I take pride in announcing the upcoming release of my book, ‘Perspective.’ Like most of my recent initiatives, this too is a small effort to give back to my community, which has trusted me with their projects. I hope you all enjoy it and benefit from it too!

I would love to hear your feedback and thoughts about the work that I am doing so please get in touch. I would love to hear from you!